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Archaeological explorations

The Na Jánu fortified settlement and its surroundings are an important archaeological reservation, that is being explored by many institutions (the South Bohemian museum, Archeos, the Prachatice museum). The archaeological explorations of the Netolice fortified settlement have been systematically going on since 2000, when the first extensive excavations of the ruins of the fortified settlement and graveyard were carried out by Jaromír Beneš and Petr Hrubý. Less extensive studies built upon these excavations. As of now, the character of the main fortification bodies of the castle have been revealed, particularly the structure of the west fortifications of the acropolis, which were built in the 10th century and then rebuilt many times. Even after the fortifications fell into ruin in the middle of the 13th century, burials took place within the fortifications long into the modern era. The most significant old grave is that of a seven year old child with bronze temple rings. Excavations of the body of the southern loose-material bulwark have ascertained its structure and helped date it to the 10th century. Excavations of the fortified settlement have revealed many valuable objects from the early Middle Ages, primarily ceramics, knives, clasps, etc. Many interesting explorations have occurred in the surroundings of the Netolice fortified settlement. One of the most important was the excavation of part of the settlement around the castle, which was carried out by Juraj Thoma. Many interesting objects have come from the settlement, for example, a lovely model of a horse.



Overview of explorations

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