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History of the fortified settlement

The Netolice fortified settlement is generally classified as one of the Přemysl administrative castles in the South Bohemia region, built at the beginning of the Czech state during the 10th century. The fortified settlement, along with old Práchní and Chýnov, was one of the administrative centres in South Bohemia, built in the ancient manner before the time of stone castles and towns. The castle was in a great position for growth particularly thanks to its great location on the trade route between Linz and Prague in the relatively little-settled South Bohemian countryside. So far, archaeological explorations have shown that the location was intensively settled from the 10th century to the end of the administrative function of the castle. We have written accounts from the 12th and 13th centuries concerning the Netolice castellans and about the settlement around the castle with the Church of St. Wenceslas. We have a document from the beginning of the 12th century (the document from 1088 apparently was created only in the first decade of the 12th century) concerning the revenue from Netolice, which belonged to the prince; however, a proportional part of it was diverted to the Vyšehrad chapter, that is to say the Church. In 1253, in a Přemysl Otakar II document, the castellan Jaroslav is named as a witness to a legal act, which also laid down the privileges of the Vyšehrad chapter. However, soon after this the castle gradually lost its importance because it started to have competition from the new royal centres of České Budě¬jovice and the stone castle of Hluboká. Thereafter, the entire area came under the administration of the cloister of Zlatá Koruna (Golden Crown). The parochial graveyard within the acropolis complex near the defunct Church of St. John retained its importance for a long time afterward. In the 19th century an inn with a holiday spot was built on the location of the forgotten castle. Only the current monument care and archaeological explorations have again revived the importance of the fortified settlement for the public.


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